Kinahan Gang Leader Wouldn’t Have Worn Flip Flops If He Knew He Was Going To Be Arrested


ARRESTED by police in Spanish tourist hotspot Majorca, Liam Byrne, a Kinahan gang leader is regretting his fashion choices as well as the hours proceeding his arrest.

“Flip flops aren’t ideal footwear to be arrested in, for starters you can easily lose them as the police drag you kicking and screaming into a police van, and then there’s the slaggings from the lads in prison,” explained crime expert John Crimm.

“It’s hard to tell from the footage, but I don’t even think they were name brand sliders. Like if there were Nike he might be able to pass it off as a style conscious choice but he’s going to worn like a flip flop by some lads in prison now. No one in the history of this world has ever come across as a hard man while wearing flip flops”.

As footage of senior Kinahan gang member Byrne being arrested by police was circulating, WWN spoke to sources close to Byrne who confirm his regret at his fashion choice was palpable as was his regret at his movements that day.

“He got up at 7am to get the towels down on the sun loungers before that bastard German family could take them all but that proved to be a waste of his time,” offered a source.

“I asked if he wanted a Choc Ice as I was heading to the shop, he said he wasn’t in the mood for an ice cream now but would get one later, that’s it now no more ice creams unless he gets transferred to the Joy in which case he’ll get his own ice cream van smuggled in handy enough” added another source.

Elsewhere, another Irishman was arrested in Spain for ‘crimes against Spain’ for insisting on heavily pronouncing the ‘j’ in Majorca.