8-Year-Old Didn’t Think Communion Prep By Priest Would Be So ‘You’re A Sinful Hellbound Disgrace’ Heavy


WHILE 8-year-old Catríona Howley had been prepared by her parents and teacher to expect talk of ‘being bold’ and ‘making a confession’ from her local priest as part of her journey towards making her First Holy Communion, this hellbound sinful ingrate stuff is a bit much.

“I’ve done nothing to apologise for in my life, I’m eight,” informed Howley, who knew that making up stuff about being mean to her little brother would form the bulk of her confession. Despite knowing this in advance, Howley was surprised by how guilty she started feeling the second Fr O’Neill walked into the classroom.

“He was really pushing that ‘every single moment of your existence is a stain on the soul of Christ and you must atone for what you did’ stuff,” Howley told WWN.

Fr O’Neill has been criticised for going too easy on Howley’s class but admitted the old ways of the church pressuring and petrifying children is dying out.

“Ah I tend to keep it light, I just do the five or six sessions of telling them their eternal soul and place in God’s Kingdom is at risk and that something like ‘staying up past your bedtime’ is akin to mass murder. What can I say, I’m a softie,” admitted Fr O’Neill.