Forget Turkey, This Tippex Hack Will Save You Thousands On Dental Work


WITH thousands of people flying abroad to avail of cheaper dental work, WWN Life Hacks is back again with some cost-cutting tips to cut even more costs from your life with simple hacks that may or may not also cut your lifespan.

Once the go-to drug of choice for 80s school kids, Tippex has come a long way from scaremongering articles claiming it was the biggest killer next to the US crack epidemic.

Thankfully Tippex has left its hard-core days behind and has settled back to its original intention – a one-for-all corrective fluid capable of erasing all manner of scribbles on white paper. And now, thanks to a Tik Tok video one of our interns showed us on a joint break, we’ve got just the dental life hack for you.

By now you already know what we’re going to suggest, but word count is word count so let’s see how much longer we can hold your attention while we reveal exactly what you knew already.

Paint your teeth with Tippex.

That’s it. That’s our life hack.

Is Tippex still dangerous when taken orally? Fuck knows. I guess you’ll find out. If you pop your clogs after using it then we can write a responsible article on the dangers of Tippexing your teeth, but for now, let’s just roll with this for a while, see what falls out – it can’t be any more dangerous than flying to Turkey to get them filed down to nothing and repalced with veneers in a medical facility with dubious online reviews.

NOTE: WWN Life Hacks cannot be made responsible for any damages caused by this article but would be open to hearing about that for future content.