Unvetted Irish Males Attack Homeless Non-Nationals


PANIC is spreading nationwide after a group of unvetted Irish males, allowed to freely roam the streets, attacked a small group of homeless non-nationals living in tents in Ashtown, Dublin.

The dangerous military aged unvetted Irish males set dogs on the homeless men and beat them with a baseball bat. The shocking incident has led to the public calling for more to be done about the unvetted Irish males problem in the country.

“Like, what sort of background do they have? Where did they come from? Well, they’re definitely violent and carrying out attacks and yet the gardaí and the politicians are letting them flood our streets,” said one fearful local.

Locals expressed their relief at the fact there were no women and children in the general vicinity at the time as there is no telling what the vile unvetted men would have done to them.

“Enough is enough, Ireland is full of unvetted Irish males. We need to tag them all, look I’m not against Irish people, I’m an Irish person myself but they’re just violent. It’s in their blood, we need to stand up to them,” shared another concerned local.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Garda Commissioner Drew Harris reacted to the news by stating ‘be grand’.

Elsewhere, the Dept of Housing confirmed ‘oh yeah we’d been meaning to get around to that’ after homeless figures hit a new record high.