Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape In ‘The Last Of Us’ Reminds Local Man Of First House Share


ENJOYING every minute of one of the most talked about shows in recent memory, it has just dawned on local man Shane Higgins that the catastrophic unravelling of humanity in The Last of Us is eerily similar to his old student digs.

“My househare was infinitely worse,” revealed Higgins of a house that was caked in foul odours a family of feral skunks with IBS could only dream of producing.

“I actually envy The Last of Us characters; Joel has been through some shit but he hasn’t had to clean the toilet after his three rugby playing commerce student housemates stopped off at the kebab place after a UCD ball,” said Higgins speaking of horrors that eclipse anything seen in the show streaming on NOW.

Higgins was thankfully domesticated by his girlfriend who rescued him from the worst of humanity when she asked him to move in with him.
“Tattered boxers left on the floor that qualified as a biohazard, old take-aways that grew legs; I’m almost certain our shower curtain had the highest concentration of cordyceps fungus in the world. One of the lads actually created visible mushroom clouds when he cut the cheese.”

Where some people get a nail-biting anxiety attack watching the drama unfold, Higgins now gets the pangs of nostalgia for his student days.
“It wasn’t all bad I suppose,” Higgins concluded.