Dublin Woman Marks Death Of Olivia Newton-John By Watching VHS Of Grease For 1,312th Time


THE sad passing of Hollywood legend Olivia Newton-John at the age of 73 has prompted Dublin woman Aine Canning to round up her cousins and head back to her grandmother’s house to watch Grease together in the middle of the day, just like they did for four years straight when they were kids.

“My Nan only had like four tapes; Grease, an Aunt’s wedding video, Brendan Grace, and 9 1/2 Weeks. So we chose Grease every time, and it never got old,” said Canning, who was saddened to hear of the death of Newton-John, who nailed the iconic role of Sandy in the 1978 classic.

“Me and my cousins, we’re all well in our forties at this stage, so it’s going to be nice just so sit back like we used to one last time. And we know Nan still has the videos and VHS player all hooked up. It’s not like she upgraded to blu-ray, you know”.

As Canning and her cousins sat to watch the now-threadbare VHS copy of Grease, several things occurred to them that never seemed apparent when they were kids, such as:

– Every student in Rydell High was actually approaching pensionable age, some with receding hairlines

– There’s a whole crisis pregnancy storyline that went way over their heads as kids

– The whole movie is absolutely filthy and packed with the kind of sexually explicit language that no child should have been watching on a daily basis

– Olivia Newton-John really was beautiful.