‘Fines Doubling For Using Phone While Driving’ Reads Motorist On Phone While Driving


ONE IRATE Irish motorist has slammed the shock news that several motoring fines are to be doubled for harmless stuff like filming Tiktoks while driving, WWN can confirm.

“You’re fucking joking me? Money hungry bastards. It’s a racket,” raged Waterford man Niall Hughes, learning of the news from a news app on his phone, which was delicately perched between his thighs on the driver’s seat of his car as he made his way through town.

Taking one hand and both eyes off the road, Hughes aggressively scrolled down to the bottom of the news article in search of soothing comments which agreed with his opinion that the RSA are a bunch of bastards in league with Big Penalty Points.

“Exactly what I was saying @JackTh3lad69 – €80 to €160 during a cost of living crisis, are they mad?” questioned Hughes, who wisely threw a quick eye on the road before trying to wedge his phone between his hand and the steering wheel in such a way that made multitasking easier.

Hughes is believed to be one of many drivers being unfairly targeted for things such as not wearing a seat belt and using a phone while driving.

“It’s not my fault my neural pathways have been so altered by a decade of phone use and social media that I am incapable of rejecting the urge to pick up my phone when it pings, rings or buzzes,” reasoned Hughes on FaceTime with WWN while overtaking a slow coach on the M7.