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M7 Motorway To Install Claws Which Take Money Directly From Driver’s Wallet

QUICKLY abandoning plans to operate speed cameras which issues fines and penalty points by clocking motorist’s average speed on the M7, operators have switched to installing giant claws which have wallet seeking detectors on them. “It’s just the easiest, cleanest way of doing things,” said claw operator Stephen Bough, “motorists doing over 120kph will feel… Read more »

Lick-Arse Cyclist Stops At Red Lights

WATERFORD cyclist Eamon O’Brian may adhere to the rules of the road and do his best to ensure a safe journey for himself and his fellow road users, but he isn’t about to win any popularity contests among the greater cycling community any time soon, WWN can report. “Well if it isn’t Mr. ‘I’m too… Read more »

‘Ah You’ll Know It When You See It’ New Irish Sat Nav Voice Setting Revealed

MOTORISTS attempting to ultilise voice guided GPS systems in their cars have called for immediate help after the roll a new ‘Irish directions’ setting was released, WWN understands. Ringing from locations in laybys of roads that they absolutely didn’t want to be in, miles from their desired destination, motorists have criticised Google and Apple Maps,… Read more »