Dublin Girl Didn’t Think She’d Have To Keep Ukrainian Flag On Profiler For This Long


ONCE again, Dublin young one Annette Keeling has found herself in an awkward spot-on social media, having changed her profile picture to lend sympathy to a cause that shows absolutely no sign of wrapping up anytime soon.

“This is the problem with lending support to things like Ukraine by adding a flag to your profiler – you look like a right gobshite when you take it down,” said 27-year-old Keeling, who badly wants to swap her profile pic to one of her looking all stunning in her new summer get-up.

“That’s the great thing about Pride Month, you know it’s going to be four weeks long and you can take any supportive images down on the first of July, no questions asked. But this Ukraine craic, there’s no end in sight. Honestly, I thought it would be six weeks tops, and to be honest, I don’t care which way it goes now, I just want to put up a pic of me having cocktails with the girlos on the balcony without anyone thinking I’m not still down with Ukraine”.

With thousands of people in the same boat, many are praying for an end to the conflict in Ukraine; failing that, the arrival of another conflict somewhere else that would at least break up the monotony of having the same blue and yellow filter over their faces.

“Just to mix it up a bit, I’m going to show solidarity with these Yemenish people. Yemenish? Yemanians? Anyways, they’ve a decent war going on and I do like their flag, so we’ll go with that for now,” concluded Keeling, happy to be helping those less fortunate.