Lad Who Complained About Closed Pubs Now Giving Pubs Bad Reviews Over Covid Certs


A DUBLIN man who has spent the last 15 months ‘fighting for pubs’ has resorted to tarnishing local bars and restaurants for opting to observe public health guidance by enforcing a Covid certificate via a coordinated campaign of online abuse and fake reviews as well as booking fake appointments ensuring owners lose out on business, WWN can confirm.

David Lanly, (33 and a half years old), joined hundreds of like-minded peers on a Facebook page which opposes the use of vaccine certificates and is engaging in targeting names of businesses that have reopened indoor dining, now likening them to South African apartheid.

“This is exactly how black people were treated by white people,” Lanly insisted, who also attended several anti-immigration rallies in the past, “this is medical apartheid and I refuse to be treated like we treat refugees”.

Citing several YouTube videos, grainy Facebook vaccine jpeg images and some grey-haired man he met on a train once who claimed he was an immunologist, Lanly vowed to continue his blacklisting campaign despite previously calling for pubs to open and saying lockdowns were killing businesses.

“When I said open the pubs, I meant open the pubs the way I want them opened; with hundreds of people packed ten deep at the bar all shouting on top of each other ordering drinks,” he explained, “not this civilised, social distancing, making sure people don’t get sick and die on their own hooked up to a ventilator crap”.

Those in engaging in this wasting exercise have been asked if there is a less disruptive way for them to advertise the fact they have single digit IQs that doesn’t punish already struggling businesses, such as partaking in a sponsored cordless bungee jump off the Cliffs of Moher.