“Will Sir Be Having Astra Or Pfizer This Evening?” Vaccine Sommelier Asks


AN EXPERIENCED vaccine sommelier working at a Dublin based centre knows a vaccine connoisseur when he sees one, WWN can reveal.

“You don’t strike me as someone who needs to browse the menu, sir,” vaccine sommelier and vaccination centre volunteer Gavin Tierney said to 53-year-old soon-to-be vaccinated John Moran as he entered the vaccination booth.

“But if I may,” ventured Tierney, injecting a thimble of Pfizer into his own arm and swishing it around. “I always find this one goes down easy and is paired very well with a precautionary water and paracetamol. Late 2020 vintage, Turkey via Germany”.

“I like the full bodied stuff if I’m honest, the wife plumbed for the Pfizer last week, so I might go with Astra just to be different,” offered Moran rolling up his sleeve.

“Excellent choice sir, you’ve a clear nose for potent jabs and classy stuff, the English,” the sommelier said now placing the vial in his hands and showing it off in an act of pageantry before Moran tried it.

Watching Tierney uncorking the vial, and pouring into a syringe, Moran did that thing where he pretended to be attuned to the finer hidden depths of he had just absorbed.

“Oh yes, it’s very subtle, but I can pick up on hints of, don’t tell me now, 90-ish percentage efficacy,” Moran said, closing his eyes and pretending to savour it for effect.

Elsewhere, experts are looking into possible side effects from vaccines after 56-year-old Triona Hughes who had been screaming blue murder over the vaccine rollout was rendered mute once she got her jab despite continued slow rollout for those in cohorts 4 and 7 with underlying conditions.