World Loses Count Of What Covid Wave It’s On Now


GERMANY has become the latest country in the world to implement newly tightened lockdown restrictions as Europe prepares itself for the onset of the third wave of Covid-19, or possibly the fourth wave, depending on who you listen to.

“You don’t count the first lockdown, just like you don’t say a newborn baby is 1” argued some, while others stated sternly that the first wave of Covid last year lasted until early October, before wave 2 began before Christmas.

“Therefore wave 2 was from November until early this year, and now we’re moving into wave 3,” they claimed ignoring country-specific waves, as angry voices on the opposing side put forward the point that wave 3 was over, and wave 4 was about to kill another few tens of thousands around the world.

“Look, is it possible that we haven’t had a break in any wave throughout this pandemic, and that in any instance where we saw a drop in numbers we pounced on it, and declared that ‘wave’ to be over, just to feel like we were winning some small victory, allowing ourselves some small glimmer of hope… whereas in actual fact, the whole year has been just one massive surge of Covid around the world?” offered others, before being silenced as that thought was ‘just too grim’ to comprehend.

Meanwhile in Ireland, the government has stated that the people of this nation has done such a good job defeating wave 3 of the pandemic, they’re now going to go straight into wave 4 to ‘get it over and done with’.