All The Known Side Effects Of Talking Out Your Arse About Covid


WITH the rollout of Covid jabs beginning around the world, concerns about the side effects from talking out of your arse about Covid-19 have never been more vocal and prominent.

Are you concerned about a loved one and keen to know what the side effects are? WWN has the list you need. Among the most severe side effects from talking out of your arse about Covid-19 include:

An allergy to wearing face coverings in shops and on private premises.

Struggling with speech; unable to form a sentences that don’t include ‘Bill Gates’ or ‘5G’.

A sudden obsession with Sweden which completely disappears when someone points out the country’s less than spotless record on Covid-19.

Blurred vision which makes it harder to tell difference between expert immunologists and ‘some lad off Facebook’.

Increase in weight given to George Soros memes, increased appetite for patriotic waving tricolour on Grafton Street for no reason.

Intense confusion and head splitting headache when dealing with news that Coronavirus has directly led to a drop in immigration into the country.

Insomnia caused directly by staying up until 3am watching videos that violate YouTube’s terms and conditions. Additional side effect related to this can see people develop compulsion to send links of these video to everyone.

Feeling nauseous and dizzy anytime someone says the moon landing wasn’t faked.

Those stating they won’t avail of any vaccine often experience inflated sense of intelligence. This troubling swelling shows no signs of going down. Sadly this is also true of people who intend on getting the jab.

In worst scenarios one side effect is being put forward as a general election candidate for Sinn Féin.