“Be Mad Funny Though If He Wins” Confirms Local Man


CHUCKLING to himself at the hilarious overreaction he’s seeing on his social media feeds from friends, and his aunt who lives in Texas, local Waterford man Niall Dollan reckons that it will be hilarious if Trump wins though.

“C’mon though it’d be gas craic, he does be saying some mad shit,” explained Dollan, delighting in the undoubted levels of hilarity he would be able to enjoy from his home in Ireland if Trump secured another 4 years in power.

“To listen to the aunt over there, Jaysus, the pearl clutching and that,” added Dollan, whose extensive knowledge of American politics extends to listening to the Joe Rogan Experience and nothing else.

“Her grandkids like, haven’t met them in person but they’re only mixed race, and you can barely tell from the pictures on Facebook so honestly, I don’t think Trump’s lads will be after the likes of them. So they’re probably alright,” Dollan added.

“Ah honestly what a head the ball,” added Dollan laughing at something he remembered, “it’s that video of him mocking the disabled reporter, gets me every time haha. And the bleach… haha, and then he had the virus. They’re some pack of eejits the yanks”.

“Alright fuck sake, calm down. Loads of sensitive moanbags, he didn’t lock you in a cage, did he? Ah here now, he didn’t kill anyone, that was just one of his followers. Ye can hardly blame him for that now can ya” a now defensive Dollan wrote on Facebook in response to friends offering an exhaustive list of scandals and indecency Trump has submerged the US under and drowned ordinary people in.

“Ok, no, yeah fair enough” conceded Dollan in response to more comments before concluding “would be gas though if he did”.