Letter From O’Rahilly House As It Was Being Demolished Found In Rubble


CONSTRUCTION workers carting away the last of the rubble from the recently-demolished ‘O’Rahilly House’ in Ballsbridge have unearthed a poignant last note seemingly written by the house itself as it slowly fell apart under sustained bulldozerage.

The house, which had been home to 1916 Rising leader Michael ‘The O’Rahilly’ O’Rahilly, had been awaiting a protection order following a council vote to preserve the property when developers decided that they’d had enough of this slow-moving ‘due process’ business and sent the diggers in to make way for a much-needed luxury apartments.

As cries of disgust rained in from Sinn Féin, current self-awarded trademark holders of the 1916 Rising, a note was found which calls to mind the note the O’Rahilly himself wrote when he bled to death on Moore Street during the ill-fated rebellion.

Darling Dublin

I was hit by a digger while sitting here being all historic

While I was here I heard men pointing out I was just taking up space – now I’m in a heap of rubble

I enjoyed being part of your history

Tons of love to the councillors who tried to save me and the Pembroke Road residents association and those who remembered me 

It was a good fight anyhow

Please deliver to anyone who doesn’t want to live in a Starbucks city with no soul

Much like the rubble from the Rising was used to help build Croke Park, the rubble from the demolished house will be used as landfill during the construction of 12-storey hotel/luxury apartment combo, as will be the case for whatever historical site or landmarks is next to be paved over to make way for progress.