Government To Launch ‘Free Exposure’ Scheme For Arts Sector


THE INITIATIVE is being described as the biggest ever investment by the Irish state in the arts sector.

Every facet of the Ireland’s arts and culture sector has been celebrating the news that the government has acted on their pleas for help in full and will produce the most comprehensive ‘free exposure’ support for the mutlti-billion euro generating industry.

“We’ve quadrupled our investment in ‘the experience is payment enough’, doubled supports for ‘unfortunately this isn’t a paid position’ and will expand all ‘we can’t pay you but think about all the people who will see your work’ programmes,” confirmed Minister for Media, Tourism, Arts, Culture, Take Aways, Sport, Bank Holidays, High Fives and the Gaeltacht Catherine Martin.

Those in the vast industry have been devastated by loss of jobs and earnings but have welcomed the supports being made available to them and are glad to hear large corporations who can definitely afford to pay are on board.

“After 8 years working in the Arts, I personally can’t wait to put my Masters to good use as part of some year long unpaid internship that is really just two full time jobs rolled into one,” shared one artist we spoke to.

Apologising for the delayed unveiling of a clear plan for a pathway to getting the industry back on its feet government officials stated “sorry it took so long but we thought apart from billions in tax revenue and promoting Ireland to the world we weren’t really sure what the Arts brought to the table”.