Local Man & Delivery Guy Agree To Pretend This Isn’t The Fourth Take Away Of The Week


A SILENT and solemn exchange. A simple look that spoke a thousand words. That’s all local man Barry Nyland needed from his trusted delivery man Dave Cairns after he took receipt of his fourth take away dinner of the week from his local Indian take away, Curry Fisher.

Avoiding judgement, scorn or pity, experienced deliverer of food Cairns masterfully used all his knowledge and experience of the trade to alleviate Nyland of the notion he would be ridiculed for his purchase of lamb rogan Josh, rice and naan bread not even a full 24 hours after he last placed the same order.

“The food delivery trade comes with a strict code of ethics, chief among them is to, whatever you do, not fucking acknowledge that the loser you delivered to is eating take away for a fourth night in a row,” Cairns explained speaking exclusively from the doorstep outside Nyland’s home.

“Do I think maybe he’s living some squalid existence in there with take aways piling up around him while he festers in his own filth, caught in a depressing cycle of work and then just lying on his couch being pathetic? Sure, but like I said, it’s not my place to judge the loser”.

Nyland for his part shared “thank God for that, don’t think the lad recognised me. That’s weight off the shoulders”.