Ireland Expected More From Millionaire Property Developer


THE nation has updated its status from ‘shocked’ to ‘profoundly disappointed’ this week after videos emerged of one of the country’s favourite multimillionaire property tycoons acting in a disrespectful manner, WWN unfortunately reports.

Champion of the people, Johnny Ronan, singlehandedly tarnished decades worth of hard work by property developers who all maintain famously flawless reputations by seemingly mocking the extent of the Covid-19 virus in a holiday video taken at a South African resort in February this year.

“It’s like Johnny knew thousands of people would die in the months since, but just decided to go ahead and mock the virus anyway,” one horrified observer observed.

Ronan, who is really too wealthy to look like something you’d find dwelling under a bridge, was seen in the video coughing into a napkin before joining three women in front of a Corona beer sign and saying “I feel much better.”

“This is not the way a Celtic Tiger era property developer who once compared the Irish banking inquiry to Nazi Germany should be carrying on,” voiced another commentator, “surely he has vulnerable people and businesses to evict, just don’t slag off the victims of Coronavirus”.

Ronan, who has taken advantage of low oil prices to slick back his hair, has since apologised for the video vowing to his property developer peers to ‘make up for tarnishing their good name’ by refusing to reduce or defer any rents under his control during the current global lockdown.

“I’ve disappointed every Irish citizen with my actions in South Africa and from now on I promise to be the most hated money grabbing bastard property developer I can be,” Ronan promised.