US State Media Claim Trump Alive & Well Despite Evidence Leader Brain Dead For Some Time


PROPAGANDISTS in the US state media agencies are refuting reports in the international media that their glorious leader, The Orange One, has been declared brain dead.

The second leader subjected to such rumours in recent days after Kim Jong Un was reported to have died on the operating table, US media outlets slavishly loyal to President Donald Trump continue to claim the brain dead individual is capable of discernible speech, cogent thoughts and any other actions or activities associated with a working brain.

“Our supreme leader is mighty, full of much brain power, plentiful of genius and big-handed manliness,” confirmed state media outlet Fox News, despite then going on to play footage from a press briefing which displayed Trump’s lack of brain activity to the world.

“The differences in reporting is stark. International news outlets calmly explain that the evidence is overwhelming; a man who says you could inject disinfectant into the body is sadly brain dead, whereas pathetic and embarrassing news reports in the US act as if everything is normal,” explained one media observer.

“Stating that Donald Trump displays any semblance of brainwaves is as transparent and untrue as when North Korean media agencies say Kim Jong Un can walk up stairs without struggling to breath, bench presses four tonnes and that his sperm is the cure to Covid-19,” added the observer.

Now sweating and relaying information with a tremulous voice, US propaganda news remained determined to clap and praise every brain dead utterance from fearless leader’s mouth, no matter how dumbfounding and idiotic.

“Leader Trump was correct when he stated that Covid-19 was cooked up by the Chinese in a secret hi-tech Labrador. Soon we will hit 1 million cases, all hail Trump,” concluded Fox News anchors.