Grandparents Find New Ways To Be Racially Inappropriate During Isolation


IN heartwarming scenes across the country, the nation’s elderly population are still finding ways to embarrass their children and grandchildren by finding new ways to drop racially-insensitive comments and outright bigotry into casual conversation, WWN can confirm.

In Carlow, cocooned couple Martha and Edward Harris managed to make their visiting grandkids visibly squirm by holding up a number of pre-prepared signs at their front window, such as ‘the Chinese family at the corner probably brought it into the country’, and ‘they better not be giving our pensions to the single mothers’.

Dublin grandad William Malone finally got the hang of FaceTime on his phone to send a mail to his daughter Irene to let her know that he’s safe and well and also he thinks the whole thing is ‘a Muslim plot’, while Galway octogenarian Ettie Whelan joined a HouseParty get-together with her whole family where she made her feelings on the subject of gay marriage known, apropos of nothing.

“It’s amazing to see that the older generation aren’t letting this pandemic affect their casual racism” beamed one online commentator, perusing the memes of adorable old bigots.

“If you thought that your trip to Nanna’s house was going to be filled with touching scenes of waving at them through the front window, think again. These people aren’t going to let a bit of self-isolation get in the way of sharing their thoughts about the council granting planning permission for a a mosque up the road”.