Parents Reminded That Komodo Dragons Aren’t Just For For Christmas


THE ISPCA has issued its annual warning to parents and gift-givers ahead of Christmas, urging them to reconsider giving their kids dangerous wild lizards such as Komodo dragons, Gila monsters and Asian water monitors as gifts this year.

“It may seem like a good idea to give little Johnny or little Una a nine-foot, 200lb carnivorous lizard as a pet, but we assure you, that thing will eat your kids” urged an ISPCA member outside a black market exotic reptile pop-up shop in Waterford today.

“Every year, we have to re-house or destroy hundreds if not thousands of unwanted Komodo dragons that people got for their loved ones for Christmas, without taking into account the work it takes to give one of these creatures a home, let alone ensure that it will not rip your leg off while you sleep”.

The ISPCA also urged against wild birds such as vultures and eagles, whose wingspans can sometimes eclipse the width of the average Waterford semi-d living room.

“Again, just because the kid saw a cinereous vulture and wanted one, doesn’t mean you should give it to them” urged the ISPCA.

“It will, promptly, rip your face off. These are animals, not gifts. Please, please reconsider. It’s gonna end up either you or them; something’s gonna die”.

The ISPCA also added that dogs and cats, while not on the same danger level of Komodo dragons, should not be considered gifts either.