Numbers Of Irish People Getting ‘Up Outta That’ Dwindling


A TROUBLING reduction in the number of Irish people ‘gerruppin’ ou’ah dah’ has led to calls for an investigation and special task force to be assembled to reverse the worrying decline, WWN has learned.

While the vast majority of historical incidents of people being advised to ‘upping of that’ occurred in Dublin, the rest of Ireland is also familiar with the time-honoured request for people to extricate themselves from ‘that’ which can mean a variety of different things depending on the circumstance.

“You do be tellin’ young fellas to gerrup ou’ah that and that, but do they be listenin’? They do in their holes,” shared one Dublin local who feared the complete loss of one of the nation’s most beloved cultural practices.

People issuing gerrupings has remained steady for much of the last 100 years, according to the latest figures from the ERSI, however, the number of people actually responding to a gerruping has dwindled to a record low.

“A ‘gerrup ou’ah dah’ is only as good as the person being told to gerrup ou’ah dah, y’know? People needing to cop on and that, well they need cop on about coppin’ on y’know,” explained lecturer in sociology and Irish customs Prof. Deco Hickey.

This worrying trend is set to be tackled first in schools, with every primary school in the country issued with its own Up Outta That officer who will be tasked with admonishing any pupil who is deemed to be acting the bollocks.