Denis O’Brien’s Involvement In Broadband Plan Probably Nothing To Worry About


THE general population of Ireland has been advised to simply carry on with its day and not worry about the government part-awarding 5 billion euros of your money for a national broadband contract to a company owned by Fine Gael friend and businessman Denis O’Brien.

Mr. O’Brien, who was found by the Moriarty tribunal to have illegally paid former Fine Gael communications minister Michael Lowry £1mn to secure a mobile phone contract over 20 years ago, miraculously acquired the substantial contract through his company, Actavo, and if all ye eejits could move along there and ignore that fact it would be great, thanks.

The Moriarty Tribunal lasted 20 years and cost the taxpayer over €100 million, but the idea that something like the National Broadband Plan will result in something similar is frankly, none of your business.

Senior civil servants in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform strongly advised against the awarding of the contract to the one and only bidder, but again, you’ve better things to be caring about.

Despite originally acquiring the company under its previous name, Siteserv, the controversial sale of which is subject to an ongoing inquiry, O’Brien will now once again reap huge financial rewards laying down the infrastructure needed to supply over half a million of you culchies with fibre power broadband at 5 to 20 thousand euros a pop per home, or whatever price Actavo wants, but sure that’s none of your business either, so don’t bother yourself with the facts, ya big fools.

O’Brien, a serial litigator, is also a central player in another major investigation into the alleged privacy breach and illegal mining of data from the servers of INM – the country’s largest media group – is now part of a consortium of business friends that will scoop the country’s biggest ever communications contract, a recurring trend under the Fine Gael government, but sure, that’s Ireland all over, isn’t it? And look, you’ll do nothing about it, so piss off and mind your own business there and leave the big boys do their work. Good citizens.