Probably A Perfectly Innocent Explanation For Delaney Loan, Everyone Agrees


DESPITE increased media scrutiny being applied to friend of Denis O’Brien, John Delaney, with everyone except the Irish Independent asking questions about the FAI chief’s €100,000 loan granted to the FAI, the Irish public have asked for all this to cease, claiming they’re sure there’s a reasonable explanation.

“Leave the poor man alone, the media are acting like he’s the only person to ever lend their employer €100,000,” confirmed the public, who stressed what a waste of time it would be to ‘make something’ of this non-incident incident.

“The governing body of Irish football just needed a bridging loan, that’s it. The result of this isn’t to ask serious questions of how such an organisation is run or rather barely run at all,” confirmed another big John Delaney fan, who will not have any of his pro-John Delaney flags confiscated by stewards and Gardaí at Ireland’s upcoming internationals.

While the public isn’t asking for any explanation surrounding the loan payment, the FAI have said they will offer an explanation some time in April which experts suggest is the perfect amount of time to ‘get the story straight’.

“What John Delaney has done for Irish football is unparalleled, the man is a saint,” confirmed a man who looked suspiciously like John Delaney wearing a moustache.

While everybody is in agreement that there’s an innocent explanation to all this, Delaney is still expected to tour pubs buying Irish supporters rounds of pints in a bid to prove there really isn’t anything more to this nonsense.