We Talk Exclusively To Family Who Refuse To Get Vaccinations


IN RESPONSE to the growing trend of parents choosing to forego giving their children vaccines they claim cause autism, the WWN Investigates team has reached out to a number of ‘concerned parents who do their own research and so should you’ in a bid to give a voice to those shunned by the complicit mainstream media who are in the pockets of Big Pharma and Normal Sized Pharma.

Keen to offer a platform denied to them by large media organisations who seek to keep the truth about vaccines suppressed, WWN met with the Bresmond family who made the decision not to vaccinate their three young children because they wanted to bring them up free from the brain controlling chemicals placed in vaccines by a shadowy network of people who wouldn’t outright say were Jewish but we read between the lines and we’re pretty confident the Bresmonds think they control everything.

Frustratingly north of monosyllabic the Bresmonds parents, John and Catherine, seemed reluctant to talk as we knelt down on the freshly turned soil in Glasnevin Cemetery and press record on our dictaphone.

Questions as to the benefits of not getting the HPV vaccine were stubbornly ignored, while follow up queries about why guarding their children against meningitis, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio among other diseases was just ‘brainwashing propaganda’ went unanswered.

We couldn’t put our fingers on why they were so reluctant to speak out. Perhaps they feared ‘they’ were watching them. They didn’t say who ‘they’ were but going out on a limb we’d reluctantly suggest the ‘they’ were once again, Jews.

According to the etching on their tombstones John and Catherine are both 35 and while WWN is not being critical of them but if they were deaf or simply had a cough and lost their voices if would have been a nice courtesy to inform us in advance so we could hire an ISL interpreter or postpone the interview for another time.

Similarly Jack (8), Ellie (7) and One World Order Look It Up People!!! (4) were all equally silent.

We can only conclude that anti-vaccine campaigners can’t say they are being silenced by the media and then when we arrive to interview them refuse to talk with us.