‘Cops & Robbers’ Replaced With ‘Dealers & Rats’ In Dublin Playgrounds


ALTHOUGH we at WWN were more partial to a game of ‘cops & robbers’ when we were in school, we were very interested in the new ‘dealers & rats’ craze sweeping Dublin playgrounds. Wanting to know more, we met up with 12-year-old Enda ‘Endo’ Ellis on the green beside his North Dublin home.

“Ok, so those two boys over there, they’re being spotters,” said Endo, pointing out two more 6th class kids across the green.

“They give the heads up to dealers, to make sure there’s no cops coming or whatever. It’s great craic”.

Intrigued, we press Endo for more information on the ins-and-outs of this intriguing pastime.

“The rest of us, we wait for the go-ahead to do things like rob cars for hits, run packages around on our bikes, and sometimes even sort out rats and debt-dodgers,” smiled Endo, two months away from his confirmation.

“We can be out here all day at this, then home for tea, and then out again until night-time. All our older brothers and our dads and the bigger boys in the area were at this, and there’s fuck all else going on so yeah, it’s a great way to spend the time. It’s a buzz, it’s exciting… it’s deadly”.

Sold on the concept, we ask Endo what name the boys have for this game.

“Game?”, he asked.