Britain Enters ‘Holding Hands In Toy Story 3’ Stage Of Brexit


BRITAIN has officially entered the part in the Brexit process which can be illustrated by the scene in animated classic Toy Story 3, in which everybody’s favourite toys realise they are headed to certain death in an incinerator, and knowing their fate is sealed simply hold hands in a solemn act of fearful acceptance.

While the sentimental and moving Hollywood movie saw Woody and the gang rescued at the last minute, it is looking increasingly likely that May and the Brexit gang will refuse all possible help, including an extension to the Article 50 time frame; a claw-like mechanism which could lift Britain out of peril.

Many Britons have begun holding hands, sharing similar doom-laden glances to those of the Toy Story 3 characters as they began to feel the infernal heat of the incinerator growing ever closer with each passing second, aided by the fact they were being transported on a conveyor belt of rubbish AKA the British parliament.

“Anyone beginning to sweat?” one Briton asked as he tightly gripped the hands of the nearest persons to him who nodded with a resigned look of ‘yeah, I can feel that heat too’.

“The time for scrambling up a pile of rubbish in a desperate bid to escape the flames is over, there is only acceptance of our stupid, idiotic politician-induced fate,” added another Briton, who wouldn’t mind hearing Tom Hanks’ reassuring voice right now.

As the clock comes to pass below 50 days until Brexit takes effect mark, EU leaders reluctantly welcomed the ‘Holding Hands In Toy Story 3’ phase of Britain leaving the EU with a ceremonially change of ‘defining symbolic image’. It takes over from previous phases such as ‘That scene in Austin Powers when he’s stuck in a corridor constantly reversing’ and ‘A mix of This Is England and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’.