Disgusting! Couple Evicted After Failing To Pay Mortgage For 25 Years


A VULNERABLE COUPLE who are mere years away from turning 100 years of age have been heartlessly evicted from their home after refusing, through no fault of their own, to pay a single repayment on the mortgage they took out 25 years ago.

Mary and Alan Higgenly (both 52) accidentally failed to repay a single cent of the £71,578 the borrowed from the bank when they took out a mortgage in June 1994 despite combined earnings of €200,000. However, they claim they wrote to the bank in 2011 in the ancient dead language of Biblical Hebrew but received no response after sending a letter via blind carrier pigeon.

“We’ve explored all options but the vipers that they are, the bank just want to destroy us and for what? All for the £71,578 we never got around to paying back. God, some people are obsessed with money,” explained Mary Higgenly.

The Higgenly, victims of a heinous plot by the bastard banks are considering reporting their lender to the Hague for crimes against humanity.

“Banking tyrants such as this bank must be driven from the country so honest people like Mary and Alan can retain the precious Irish soil that is theirs,” shared one member of a group called Sons of Éire, who turn up at evictions to support couples like Mary and Alan by shouting through a megaphone in between bouts of punching bank representatives in the face while calling them violent fascist.

Asked had they considered availing of a free mortgage arrears support service like Abhaile, which has kept 95% of people availing of personal insolvency arrangements in their homes, the couple instead drew WWN’s attention to the €44 million Go Fund Me campaign they have started to help themselves remedy a situation not of their own making.