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Sweet! Now Give Us Our Bailout Money Back, AIB Told

THE nation has been described as ‘flabbergasted’ after their public outcry over AIB’s decision to go cashless actually caused the bank to reverse their stance, prompting the question; what else could we get if we kicked off? 1) How about that bailout? All told, Ireland bailed out the banks (including AIB) to the tune of… Read more »

Vulture Funds Seen Circling Over Ulster Bank Branches

DESPITE robust laws in place to protect mortgage holders and a pledge for a gradual closing down to take place over several years, Ulster Bank branch security guards have spent the day trying to fend off ravenous packs of vultures, WWN can confirm. With the departing bank’s mortgage book presenting a tempting investment opportunity for… Read more »

Banks Being Suspiciously Nice All Of A Sudden

AN independent think-tank has declared that the banking sector has been ‘a little too smiley’ during the Coronavirus crisis for anyone’s liking, prompting fears that they’re on the brink of profiting from human misery for the first time ever. Most banks and mortgage lenders were quick to offer 3-month ‘mortgage holidays’ to struggling families after… Read more »

PTSB Treated For PTSD

MANAGEMENT and staff at PTSB branches around the country are to be treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, following a €21 million fine arising out of 42 regulatory breaches surrounding tracker mortgages. Staff at the banks are to receive one-to-one counselling, extra paid days off, and other treatments such as personal masseuses, golf days and free dinners… Read more »