Russia Stealing Magnetic North, Report Claims


A DAMNING new report published by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service has claimed that Russia has been slowly stealing magnetic North for that past 20 years, WWN can confirm.

The 467 page report stated that Vladimir Putin secretly conspired with dozens of Russian billionaires to shift Earth’s north magnetic pole back as early as 1999, when it is believed he oversaw the development of enormous underground magnetic facilities in Siberia, which are since slowly attracting the planets liquid-iron outer core, known as the core field.

The worrying report estimated that magnetic North will soon be positioned in Russia’s Northern territory by the year 2035.

“We do not know why Russia is stealing magnetic from the Canadian Arctic,” a spokesman for the Security Intelligence Service stated, “but whatever the reason, it could be disastrous for the whole of humanity and have serious consequences on our current environment”.

Experts speculate that Russia maybe taking the magnetic pole hostage in a power play against the West.

“Our fear now is Russia may intend to start charging the rest of the world for using navigation systems which rely on magnetic North, which would also give them the upper hand in any future conflicts,” concluded a military expert.