5 Pictures Of Snowflakes That Will Anger Piers Morgan


ITV GOOD MORNING BRITAIN host Piers Morgan regularly hits the headlines with his distaste for reactionary, outrage-addicted millenial snowflakes.

And this week is no different as Piers took to Twitter to really sock it too the snowflakes that are ruining everyday life for people not beholden to a world gone PC mad.

“Typical. Just typical!” Piers wrote, slamming this particular snowflake.

“Oh give over. Aren’t we all sick of this nonsense” the voice of reason said, a hammer blow to moany liberals who want everything for free.

“I tell you what. They’d have us living in Communist Russia if they had the choice” – spot on Piers. Spot on.

“Has the world gone completely MAD?” – Piers always knows how to tell like it is.

“Give. Me. A. Flaming. Break” – Piers, we’d love one but these snowflakes never stop, do they?

Good to see Piers is still the same defiant firebrand and protector of common-bloody-sense even after formal plans were announced to launch him from a cannon into a nearby brick wall.