Is Raw Sewage Good For Your Skin? We Go For A Swim In Ireland To Find Out


FOLLOWING the news that raw sewage from as many as 38 towns and villages in Ireland continue to flow into our waters every day, WWN Beauty explores whether or not this hip new trend which has been going unpunished for 13 years is good for your skin.

Who doesn’t want lovely clear skin? Presuming that waste treatment plants wouldn’t fail to treat large volumes of raw sewage unless it was really good and healthy for humans to interact with, WWN Beauty went for a swim and lathered ourselves in lovely contaminated water.

It was hard to tell at first if we were in waters that were affected by the emptying of untreated sewage but then we realised that such is the large volume of raw sewage entering our waters on a daily basis we had no reason to worry we weren’t swimming in all sorts of unspeakable effluent.

Before long our swimming strokes felt more laboured as we swam off the coast of the Nation’s capital, we feared we were unfit and not up to the journalistic challenges. However, thankfully that wasn’t the case as it became apparent the difficulty we were in was down to the thickness of the ‘water’ we were now wading through.

This was it, we had hit the raw sewage jackpot. Dipping our heads under water several times as the scent of the horrid confluence of human excrement and toxic substances assaulted our nostrils – now we could apply ‘nature’s face mask’.

And boy did nature’s face mask burn our skin, but the good kind of burn, like a chemical peel. Not in the ‘oh God, why are our local authorities allowing this level of pollution time and time again while pleading ignorance’ way, no, this felt like it was revitalising our face and indeed the environment around us.

While Ireland was required to reach EU standards by 2005 for waste treatment, we’re so lucky that thanks to a lack of investment from local authorities and the government the country continues to be in breach of these basic requirements some 13 years later.

Exiting the sea and feeling lightheaded, we sought out the nearest mirror in search of evidence we had discovered the perfect clear skin cheat.

WWN Beauty can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that a quick dip in raw sewage infested waters has certainly taken years off our life.

Those wanting to know how much longer this great remedy will be available in Irish waters can click HERE.