“He Tells It Like It Is” Waterford Father Backs Peter Casey For President


A LOCAL WATERFORD father who was only saying yesterday how he was looking for an excuse to be horribly ignorant and offensive has come out in defence of Irish presidential candidate Peter Casey, following his comments about the travelling community.

“He tells it like it is,” confirmed 61-year-old Seán O’Plough, despite not hearing Casey’s comments in full himself, only knowing that people were giving out and he didn’t like that because apparently he was slagging off the travellers, which was fine by him.

“He tells it like it is,” O’Plough repeated, not specifying what ‘it’ was. However, O’Plough remained hopeful Casey would go after the gays next, who have the run of the place these days.

Political experts have reassured the public that someone expressing wildly idiotic views which inflame tensions along the lines of race, ethnicity and identity would never garner a big following and that we won’t look back on this seemingly inconsequential moment as when some right wing bigots made a plan to establish themselves in Irish life and politics.

“What about arresting the homeless too like they’re doing in Hungary, it’s about fuckin’ time. This Casey lad has my vote anyway,” the father of three children who rarely talk to him anymore added, his long search for an empty headed idiot of a president now over.

“He’s offered absolutely no solutions to any problems or issues affecting Irish people but boy does he know how to hate minorities and the vulnerable – I’d vote for him twice if I could”.

UPDATE: O’Plough reportedly wet the bed with excitement after learning Casey doesn’t ‘buy into all that feminism shite’ either.