Everyone To Have Their Own Podcast By 2020


A NEW report has found that every single person living on the planet will have their own individual weekly podcast by March 2020, WWN can confirm.

Podcasts have grown in popularity over the past few years with the revolutionary new fad becoming one of the most sought after media platforms the corporate world has ever seen.

“If someone said to me five years ago that a digital audio file made available on the Internet for download was to become the biggest medium on the planet, I probably would have pointed out that it was just radio, only it was online,” said Dublin brand manager Mark Rogers, “but of course I would have been ignorant and totally wrong to say that about this utterly unique and fascinating new form of media, which the human race will probably never be able to outdo in the future.

“In fact, we’ve probably reached peak human with this podcast idea and it’s just great to see absolutely everybody jumping on the bandwagon,” he added, “this will likely never get old, ever”.

The new podcast report predicted that over 7 billion people will have their own weekly recording of themselves talking to other people, the majority of whom will also have their own podcasts.

“We predict that people will have to take turns to appear on each others podcasts, otherwise there could be a huge problem in finding people to appear on the shows,” the report reads, “bartering podcasts may become a thing and newly built homes will have to come with a podcast studio as standard from 2021”.

However, due to everyone working full time on their own podcasts, the report warned that there may be no one commuting to work to listen to them.