Can You Help This Man, Who Has $8 Billion, Raise €32 Million Needed For Irish Holiday?


IT’S now a common feature in the news cycle every day; amazing people rush to donate to a GoFundMe page for a poor unfortunate soul in unimaginable financial difficulty or distress arising from an unprecedented event, accident or hardship and today is no different.

By now we’re sure WWN readers have seen the image of the man above, an adorable 81-year-old Argentinian man named Francis who desperately needs to raise €32 million so he can afford a two day holiday to Ireland this August as with just $8 billion in assets himself, he’d find the money impossible to come by.

“This sounds like one of those Nigerian prince scams. Don’t donate, it’s clearly a scam,” shared one man beneath a KickStarter page looking for money for Francis’s trip, proving that wherever there are people willing to take someone at their word, there’s always a cynical prick ruining it for everyone else.

There has been a huge outpouring of sympathy and emotion for Francis with donations flooding in from a lot Irish people, who themselves don’t have much money to spare. Large companies trying to look cool are getting in on the act too.

“Where else will this poor, unfortunate soul get such a sum, please help me,” one person donating appealed.

Transport, accommodation and large scale events catering to as many as 500,000 all need to be paid for just as is the case with any other holiday.

It’s about as heartwarming as a story can get, and people have really reacted strongly to Francis’s plight; despite having over $8 billion in assets ($200 billion by some estimates) he can’t actually access any of that money due to some hiccups or snafu which we don’t understand ourselves.

“If he wasn’t so old and didn’t remind me of my grandad I’d say him looking for €32 million when being so rich himself was actually disgusting, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt,” confirmed one woman who donated €50 to one of thousands of Churches that have taken it upon themselves to collect the money.

Francis’s reason for embarking on the two day €32 million holiday will make your heart melt; he wants to retrace the steps of the person who used to work in the same job as him, John Paul, who made the same visit nearly 40 years go.

Some complete bastards who have only hate in their hearts have suggested that raising €32 million could be put to better use.

“That’s about the price of 200 affordable housing units, and since the government built less than 20 in this country last year I think that’s a better reason to raise such a sum,” said one uncharitable person who seems to hate elderly billionaires in need of a dig out.