Didn’t Get The Points You Wanted? Don’t Worry This Instagram Influencer With 1,200 Followers Didn’t Either


WITH Leaving Cert results out some students will feel a little disappointed with how their exams panned out. It’s natural, and thousands upon thousands of people have had that same feeling and gone on to carve out great careers in jobs they love.

By now, Irish society has moved on from treating these set of exams like they carry greater importance than anything else you’ll ever do in life.

However, just to hammer home this point for students WWN like a multitude of other online news sources will, at the risk of blowing your minds, present you with a successful person who shockingly didn’t do ‘well in the Leaving’. WWN spoke to one Instagram ‘influencer’ Bibi Kelly who didn’t get the points she wanted and yet, she’s flying it despite this!

“No problem, run off my feet with everything. So busy. Goals, goals, goals. Living my best life, lol! Hashtag work. Hashtag get it. Hashtag SP. Hashtag MUA. You know how we do!” explained Bibi, highlighting how results aren’t the be all and end all.

A clear and inspirational message to tell her followers, Bibi has excelled since she sat the Leaving Cert two years ago having grown her Instagram following from 1,034 to 1,213 in the last two years proving once and for all exams results aren’t a good barometer for future success.

“Sponsored post!” added Bibi now posing with a large jar of face cream which had the word ‘Corrosive’, ‘Do Not Put On Skin’ and ‘Made in China’ crossed out and replaced with ‘Cleansing Moisturiser, Clear Skin Heaven’.

“I really believe in this product, it’s amazing. So versatile. You know me, I don’t endorse anything I don’t legit use, 20% with #bibicream. Paid partnership,” Bibi added when we asked her about her own Leaving Cert results which look redundant and pointless now.

There you have it readers, people doubted Bibi but she turned ‘doubted’ into undoubted success and judging by the two likes on her latest Instagram post millions of others agree too.

EDITOR’S NOTE: It has been brought to our attention by one of our staff that his older brother knew a lad who got 600 points and he’s dead or on the dole now, he can’t remember which one it is. Yet further proof results don’t matter.