39-Year-Old Man Trapped In Awkward Teenager Phase


POLICE and rescue services have been called to the scene of a man believed to trapped in his awkward teenager phase despite being 39 years of age.

Paul Keeling, from Waterford in the Ireland area of Europe, has a variety of tattoos and piercings like many other adults, however, it is the fact he remains easily embarrassed and quick to storm into his bedroom in a huff some 23 years after such behaviour should be been long over that is the source of concern.

Coupled with the fact he still listens to Sum 41, My Chemical Romance and a host of other bands and musicians who ‘get him’, Keeling inevitably turned up on the police’s radar.

Sources close to Keeling confirmed to WWN that he is without a doubt still trapped in his awkward teenager phase as he still ‘absolutely shits himself’ when talking to women, has a rubbish haircut, frequently mumbles and stares down at his shoes while conversing with anyone while also occasionally skateboarding in his spare time.

“What we can do for Paul now is trying to free him from a phase he seems wedged into, but it will take several saws and other heavy machinery and some patience,” rescue worker Bernadette Davies explained to WWN.

“By God, we’ll get him out of it, we guarantee we won’t stop fighting til he’s out of it”.

Keeling’s mother dismissed the need to rescue her son stating he just hasn’t grown into himself and once the braces are off his teeth he’ll be much more confident.