95% Of Women Must Date A Dawson Before Finding Their Pacey Study Shows


SCIENTIFIC studies have confirmed the suspicions held by many women that in order to meet their ideal caring, understanding and all round dream partner, they must first date a moany, moody and overly emotional and possessive pain in the ass, mirroring the love journey experienced by fictional character Joey Potter in popular TV show Dawson’s Creek.

A joint study conducted by universities across 41 countries over the last 20 years show that as many as 95% of women must first suffer under the pretentious pondering of a Dawson-like pain in the ass before they can fully appreciate the qualities of a more stoic and less overtly emotionally available Pacey-like partner.

“We all think we want someone who makes it their priority to let you know how much they know about movies, books, music, politics and what have you, oh and they’ll write you God awful songs or poetry or some shit and you’ll fall for it,” explained chief researcher Dr. Evelyn Johns, outlining how many women, first exploring romantic relationships, really do pick insufferable losers most of the time.

“Then a switch goes off in the brain, and all the qualities we more associate with Joshua Jackson’s Pacey come to the fore, and you realise what a fool you’ve been,” Dr. Johns added.

While the study concluded that all the positive qualities present in a Pacey-type can only truly become evident after enduring a draining, what-the-hell-was-I-thinking Dawson, many women have come forward to share their stories which echo the study’s findings.

“When I look back now, I was a big fan of blokes who I’d run a mile from now but thank God I found my Pacey. Now, in fairness he’s about 4000% less of a ride than Joshua Jackson, but we’re talking personality here, the content of his character, is the opposite of a dour Dawson, thankfully,” shared one ‘I survived a Dawson relationship’ survivor Kelly Cerrans.