VAR Replay Confirms Women In Crowd At World Cup Are Attractive


FOOTBALL FANS fearing the advent of video assistant referees (VAR) in World Cup matches would ruin games have been given yet another example of how slick and unobtrusive the technology can be, with games flowing at the same pace despite the need to consult replays of controversial incidents.

The absorbing contest last night between Russia and Egypt saw match officials rely on VAR throughout the game, as it appeared the referee, cameraman or director of the live TV feed needed help in confirming if attractive women do indeed attend the World Cup.

Some fans confessed to be confused as to why their TV continuously cut to a shot of one objectively attractive woman in the crowd, but with last night’s Russian game FIFA officials provided confirmation that VAR were investigating whether or not totally hot female women babes are in the crowd.

“Look, VAR is there to help the referee make decisions or become more aware of incidents on the pitch, and obviously the only explanation for why some 15 or so minutes of each game is spent cutting to women in the crowd is not blatant and lazy sexism, but a technical refereeing operation,” one FIFA spokesman confirmed.

Despite the abundance of VAR replays proving that attractive women are fans of football and supporting their respective countries at the most high profile sports tournament in the world, FIFA stress that this must be rechecked after every available opportunity.

“We can’t just presume there are hot women in the crowd, we’ve got to use VAR replays to ensure that is the case. We’d ask fans to please be patient with VAR and the officials using it with the help of TV channel. It will be necessary at times to slow down the replay when women in the crowd are jumping up and down,” the spokesman confirmed.