WWN Guide To The Perfect Racist Graffiti


WE at WWN have noticed a sharp decline in the quality of the racist graffiti that we encounter around town on a daily basis, most of it is crudely scrawled, barely legible and in many instances makes no sense whatsoever.

If you really feel that strongly about living in a multicultural society and you feel like you absolutely must voice your opinions on the side of a bus shelter, then at least do the rest of us a favour and do the following:

1) Learn to write

In order for your message of hate to be read and understood, you must first learn how to write. We’ve noticed that the vast majority of graffiti we encounter is riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes, and everything else is scrawled so fast that we can hardly make it out. It’s almost like you wrote it in a hurry, while there was nobody watching. Take your time, do it right. So what if someone see’s you? You want your message to be known, so why not just do it in the open? You’re not a coward, are you? Oh, you are. Well, maybe learn to spell anyways.

2) Choose your location

Again, if you want your message to be seen by the maximum amount of people, then why are you doing your graffiti in such random places? We saw some pretty specific racial slurs scrawled on a park bench in the middle of absolute nowhere yesterday. We’re not sure that more than ten people pass this thing in a calendar year, let alone ten people from Moldova. What you’ve done here is fuck up a perfectly good bench, pal. If you have a problem with the Moldovans, go write some shit outside the Moldovan supermarket. During working hours. We’ll watch, give you tips.

3) Go big

Think big! Think outside the box! Do you know what would be a great place for some racist graffiti? Train tracks! Right there on the track itself. Bring your magic markers, bring some nice loud music for your headphones, and get scribbling to your hearts content. We’ll warn you if a train is coming, don’t worry.