Man Has Child Car Seat Fitted Properly, Probably


WATERFORD father Michael Hattan is 100% certain that he has correctly fitted the car seat his infant son uses every day, well, when he says 100% certain, he means around 90% certain, but it seems safe enough for now.

Hattan, 29, bought the car seat for his son Noah on a second-hand website soon after the child was born, ignoring arguments against the use of pre-owned car seats because new ones were twice the price and the one he got seemed fine, apart from some spit-up stains but ‘that’s babies for you’.

After quickly scrubbing through a YouTube tutorial, Hattan successfully fitted the car seat into the back of his 08 Ford Focus in which his 6-month-old son travels on a daily basis, and although there have been calls from Hattan’s wife to ‘swing down to Halfords and make sure that thing is fitted right’, Hattan is pleased that the seat is alright for the time being.

“It’s not like I’m planning on crashing, is it?” said Hattan, conducting an exclusive phone interview with WWN while driving to town.

“The kid seems happy enough and the seat seems sturdy to me, a bit wobbly in places but when you pull the belt on it, it seems okay. I could go and get it checked but to be honest, with the new baby in the house the last few months and it has been pretty full on, so it’s just one more thing that I’d rather not have to do. It’ll be grand, hopefully”.

Hattan went on to state that the kid seems happiest in a front-facing position that he really shouldn’t be in until he’s 18 months, but it’s his kid and he’ll do what he wants.