Awkward Tension In South Korea As Kim Keeps Popping In Unannounced


A DIPLOMATIC solution is being sought for a growing situation in South Korea, after North Korean leader Kim Jung Un dropped by for his third unannounced visit this week, placing fresh strains on his relationship with South Korean president Moon Jae-in.

Moon and Kim are the stars of the diplomacy world after joining hands for an historic meeting at the border that separates North and South Korea, before Kim joined the South Korean premier for a round of peace talks and a few cheeky gins in the the border village of Panmunjom.

Although the meeting of the two leaders was considered impossible merely a few months ago, the pair seemed to strike up an easy friendship as they embraced, and pledged to continue to work towards a lasting peace in the region as well as ‘keeping in touch with each other’, a pledge that has come back to haunt Jae-In as Kim now drops in whenever he feels like it.

“It’s just something people say, you know. ‘Call in any time’, I didn’t fucking mean it, like,” sighed Moon, quietly as Kim Jung Un was in the kitchen eating all the leftover ham. Ham Moon wanted for a sandwich later on.

“I can’t get rid of him. I keep dropping hints about the amount of work I have to do, the traffic on the way back to North Korea, how I have to be up early in the morning… say what you want about the threat of nuclear war, at least you have the weekend to yourself”.

In a startling turn of events, Kim has been heard on the phone to Dennis Rodman, telling the basketball star to ‘land over to Moon’s gaff, we’re here for the day’.