Liverpool Fan Would Be Happy With 5 or 6-0 Win Tonight


A LOCAL Liverpool has stressed that as part of his team’s guaranteed place in the Champion’s League final against either Real Madrid or Bayern Munich, he would settle for a win this evening against Roma in the region of 5 or 6-0.

“Look, we beat Man City handsomely in the last round, we’re firing on all cylinders whereas Roma only came from behind to beat an iffy-at-best Barcelona side,” confirmed 27-year-old Alan McFerrin, a fan of a team which drew with West Brom at the weekend.

Looking beyond the commanding 6-0 win McFerrin knows Jurgen Klopp’s side will stroll toward this evening, McFerrin expressed a desire for decent weather on the final of the May 26th final in Kiev, Ukraine.

“You’d hope the pitch is decent for Mo, Firmino and the lads. When winning the Champion’s League with a devastating attack, you’d just hate if the pitch was too wet with rain. It’d be nice to win it sensational style,” added McFerrin who wondered how many of the normal starting 11 will be rested against ahead tonight’s bye into the final.

McFerrin was unable to provide a current location for all his misplaced confidence but he remained excited by his side’s first Champion’s League final in over a decade.