Incredible! This Woman Put The Bins Out All By Herself


WHO said women were incapable of doing the dirty work around the house? Not this brave Waterford woman, that’s for sure.

Making headlines nationwide today, local woman Mags Power was spotted by neighbours wheeling a black refuse bin down her driveway, all by herself, with not one man in sight.

“I don’t know what got into her,” explained neighbour Peggy Phelan, who just happened to be looking out through her bedroom blinds at 7am to spot the 34-year-old female pushing the bin, “she must have had a row with the husband or something, I was mortified for her”.

Speaking on a local radio station, Mrs. Power rubbished wild rumours circulating the city, confirming that her husband had just simply forgot to put out the bins before going to work this morning, and that she took it upon herself to ‘take over the chore’.

“I was actually surprised how easy it was,” she told radio shock jock, Damien Roche, who hosts the popular morning talk show ‘Moan-A-Minute’, “there’s a kind of knack in the way you balance the bin on the two back wheels, before pushing it.

“At one point I thought I was a goner when I was going down the small hill on our driveway, but I held my own, and managed to recoup myself and land it right beside the gate, where my husband usually leaves it. In fact, you wouldn’t even know a woman left it there, it was that precise”.

Not only did she place the bin exactly where she was meant to, the mother of children later returned to dump a refuse sack into the bin that she found post bin leave.

“When I went back into the house I realised the kitchen bin was full, I said I’d take this whole experience one step further and carry the dirty refuse sack out to the bin,” she added, “I suppose I should have checked the house first for full bags before initially wheeling it out, but you live and learn”.

When asked by the presenter if she will attempt to put out the recycling collection next week, which requires separating cardboard from plastic, she replied:  “One step at a time”.

It looks like 2018 is going to be the year of the woman.