Fresh Brexit Negotiations Delayed As Theresa May Spends Hour Pushing Door Marked ‘Pull’


A TOUGH week for Theresa May has become even more problematic as the British PM has spent the last hour repeatedly pushing a door leading into a meeting with EU leaders that is clearly labeled with a ‘pull’ sign, WWN can confirm.

Vital negotiations surrounded Britain’s exit from the EU have been delayed as a result with Prime Minister May and her negotiating team resolving to order a report into the incident and how best to deal with the door.

“It’s clear everything is going well with negotiations, but if the door is to eh, persist in this um, stubborn manner, we will have no choice but to opt for a no-deal, hard Brexit,” May said, shouting through the door to her EU counterparts who were sitting around a table looking dumbfounded.

Matters were further complicated when David Davis stood on the other side of the door pulling at a handle while failing to see a ‘push’ sign in an attempt to come to the aid of his boss.

May has had to contend with the resignation of two prominent ministers and the refusal of Boris Johnson to engage with his brain, piling yet more problems on her shoulders ahead the now postponed negotiations.

Hardline supporters of a hard Brexit have blamed EU regulations for May’s inability to pull on the door instead of pushing it while attempting but failing to smile in a manner than conveys she is a human like the rest of us.