WOW! Best Halloween Costume Ever? Kylie Jenner Dresses As The Battle Of Stalingrad


KING KYLIE has slayed Halloween again!

The pressure on the youngest Jenner to pull off something lit was always there, and yet, the queen that she is, Kylie surpassed all expectations.

Her latest Insta update, which is simply Kylie sizzling as Stalingrad, has an amazing 5.4 million likes already. A statement issued through a publicist detailed just how and why Kylie chose to silence all the haters with what many are calling the greatest Halloween throwdown of all time.

“I could have just dressed as a sexy Stephen Hawkin or something but I know the responsibility I have to my fans and to the world, so I chose a good cause,” Kylie explained, before going on to suggest that the Western-centric telling of World War II history often underplays the sacrifice paid by Russian soldiers in defeating the Nazis.

An otherwise sexy outfit is weighed down with heavy history as Kylie power posed on social media feeds covered in an astonishing homage to the battle.

“To forget history, is to fail to prepare for the future. Over 1.1 million Russian soldiers were either killed or injured in the battle to preserve freedom, we should never forget this immensely important moment in human history and of course the sad fact that man’s inhumanity to man continues almost unabated in today’s troubling world,” Kylie added on Instagram, using 47 of the most relevant hashtags to ensure this is one Halloween costumes we won’t forget in a hurry.

Slay. Queen. Slay.