“I’m Dressed As A Sexy Witch” Thinks Woman Dressed As Witch


REVELLERS at a Waterford Halloween party have adopted a ‘say nothing’ approach to local woman Sheila Kinglan, who arrived at the shindig stating that she was dressed as a ‘sexy witch’, despite the fact that there was nothing to back up the ‘sexy’ part of the outfit.

“Oh, you’re dressed as a witch,” beamed Paul Jones, welcoming Kinglan to his house in Waterford City for the party.

“That’s right, I’m dressed as a sexy witch,” replied the 26-year-old Kinglan, to which Mr. Jones is said to have smiled politely and pointed his guest through to the living room where everyone else was.

“Yeah, I’m not all that sure what she was going for, but you don’t go around declaring you’re a ‘sexy’ anything,” confessed puzzled fellow party goer Aine Cairns, who was dressed as a normal Woody from Toy Story.

Having apparently mistaken nudity for sexiness, Kinglan’s costume consists of a witch’s hat and fuck all else, making her certainly the most scantily clad person in a party which consists of nine IT clowns, a Spongebob, and what appears to be an attempt at Mr. Meeseeks from Rick & Morty.

“Look, if she thinks she’s sexy, what harm is she doing,” said Jones, himself dressed as a pretty spot-on Dangerous-era Michael Jackson.

“It’s just the times that’s in it – put it all on show, and call it sexy. Each to their own. Me, I’ll be looking to chat up that Mummy girl over there dressed from head to toe in toilet roll”.

UPDATE: A woman matching Kinglan’s description has been admitted to Waterford A&E with acute hypothermia, with doctors issuing a stark warning against the negative effects of going out wearing nothing but string in late October.