Weekend Brunch Turns Into Massive Piss Up For 24th Consecutive Week


A CASUAL healthy brunch meet-up among friends has turned into a massive piss up for Dublin for the 24th week in a row, WWN can reveal.

Convening in a popular eatery off South William Street in the Nation’s capital, the group of five friends, who are basically a better looking version of the cast of HBO’s Girls, have horsed 14 litres of Prosecco into their bodies despite plans, outlined earlier that week on Whatsapp, indicating that the dining occasion was to be a strictly healthy affair.

The preordained healthy social outing transformed into a glorified piss up just minutes into Ciara B, Brona, Ciara C, Gemma and Emma sitting down to look at the menus which had a number of non-alcoholic food options.

“Lads, 2 for 1 cocktails there on the drinks menu,” confirmed Brona as she carefully studied her friends’ faces trying to find the weak-willed weak link that could result in a domino effect.

After a brief period of laughter and cries of ‘what are we like?’ the friends proceeded to consume a month’s worth of alcohol while discussing how much they went to the gym earlier that week.

“Next week, next week, I’ll be good,” confirmed Ciara C as she slowly slides out of her chair before collapsing in a drunken heap.

Experts have confirmed that Ciara C’s healthy brunch plans for next week will take a turn for the alcoholic in a similar fashion to the last 24 weeks.