Waterford Man On Holiday Bracing Himself For How Horrible Pint Of Guinness Will Be


A WATERFORD man many people are labeling as ‘foolish’ is believed to be moments from visiting upon himself the appalling insult to the Irish life and culture that is ‘foreign Guinness’, WWN has learned.

Propping up at a bar in the centre of Prague with friends, John Claveen responded to his body’s desire for a pint of the black stuff by enlisting a barman to pour him a Guinness despite the associated risks to the taste buds.

“You’re fucking mad John boi, why would ya do that to yourself,” questioned one of Claveen’s friends, but their pleas fell on deaf, Guinness desiring ears.

Contorting his face as he drew the pint of Guinness ever closer to his lips, which were pursed in such a way as to suggest no liquid could pierce through them, Claveen was seconds away from consuming the horrible abomination that is Guinness from abroad.

“The barman didn’t even pour it in two goes, that’s worse than spitting in my face,” Claveen remarked to himself as he wondered how exactly he had talked himself into what would probably rank as one of the worst pints in his 22 years of drinking.

There were unconfirmed reports of several Irish people in attendance fainting as Claveen’s brow collected a film of sweat as the moment drew ever closer.

Gulping down enthusiastically in what must have been an example of muscle memory Claveen closed his eyes and hoped his death would be swift and painless.

“Ah, that was actually grand. Cheers barman,” Claveen shared, before collapsing out of his seat, his legs weak from the nerves and adrenaline.