Stag Party Asked To Leave Pub After Being Mistaken For Priests


A CASTLEBAR pub has apologised to a raucous stag party from Newcastle who were initially refused entry after being mistaken for a group of priests.

The group of nine young men were all wearing plain black shirts and slacks which, unbeknownst to the door staff of McConnon’s Late Bar, had ‘Derek’s legend stag party’ and ‘Newcastle on tour’ slogans on the back, as well as a range of sexually explicit nicknames and slogans.

Although no altercation took place, there was a brief stand off as the bouncers told the men that ‘their type were not welcome in here’, and that the group needed to move on to avoid trouble.

However, once the stag party showed the manager of McConnon’s their passports and their filthy shirts, they were allowed enter the pub where they proceeded to drink for nine straight hours until 80% of the group had passed out.

“We’re sorry to have inconvenienced anyone, it’s just that priests have a fierce bad reputation around Ireland,” said the proprietor of McConnons, “and the lads on the stag took it in good humour, even if we had accidentally just accused them of being a bunch of priests.

“Ah well, at least they stuck around to wreck the place,” he added.

Following the night of revelry, the stag party relocated itself to another parish, reigniting suspicion that they were in fact priests after all.